Friday, February 15, 2008

Just for fun

I stumbled across this in our dentistry library yesterday:

Infection: The board game

The object of the game is to cure all of your diseases. The first person to cure all of his diseases, or the last player living, wins. A player dies [is out of the game] when he has five RED diseases."
And in case you weren't sure:

is a game which is meant to be enjoyable"

Got that? Go spread the ... er, news.


Heather said...

"Intended to be enjoyable"? Be still, my beating heart!

Could you tell if the game had ever been used?

Scott Hanley said...

The cardboard pieces had never been punched out, so no one's really played the game.

Johanna Hanley said...

When are you going to bring this over to play with us?
Your baby brother told me he couldn't find your blog, It took me all of about a minute - Hmmm and he has the PH.D.