Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life is unfair

So here's my little blog that almost no one reads, full of earnest pontifications for which I receive (almost certainly deservedly) not a penny.

Then here's George Will,
who gets paid megabucks for complaining that blue jeans epitomize the essential immaturity of the American public.

I guess it makes George feel all grown up, in a mother-of-teenagers sort of way, to complain about what other people are wearing.


Cranberry Necklace said...

George F. Will has plenty of money for dry cleaning his clothes, and (my guess is)no experience using a washing machine. If you can care for wool and silk clothing, they do have their superior (to cotton) characteristics, including sartorial exclusivity.

My mother, in a cultural anthropology class in Switzerland, studied native costumes. She told her professor that American had no native costume. Her professor replied, "On the contrary, blue jeans are the native costume of America.)

I don't own a pair of blue jeans right now, and it's a problem I intend to address - pronto. I love blue;, lacking blue jeans means I don't have the coordinating pants I want to have.

George F. Will has shown himself to be out of touch, even arrogant. Yes, he can write a good column, but what he says in it never resonates with me. You, Scott, both write an excellent blog and have commentary that I agree with - or it makes me think. Keep writing.

Heather said...

Oh, jeez. Good to know that in 2009, somebody finally told George Will about Seinfeld and King of the Hill. I wonder if German has a word for the self-conscious display of a pomposity that's totally undeserved?

My favorite part was where he explained what "gamers" are...

There are a lot of problems with American culture; I'm just not sure that widespread acceptance of comfortable clothes is one of them.