Thursday, July 29, 2010

No swearing allowed!

No swearing allowed! Even if it's not aloud! That's the new rule at Goldman Sachs, which has banned profanity in emails. Apparently, upper management was driven almost to the bring of hiri kiri when the world discovered one of their employees was so depraved as to write to another, "that was one shitty deal." If the world is forgiving enough, perhaps this drastic act of atonement will allow them to show their faces again.

It's not clear whether fines will be levied on people writing profane emails, but the article mentions that swearing on the trading floor can earn a trader a fine as large as $20,000. It just goes to show how well paid those traders are - you can't hope to modify their behavior for less than $1000 (the fine for a first offense).

Seriously. In the middle of the worst economic crisis since Herbert Hoover, Goldman-Sachs has nothing better to worry about?

As for the schmoes in the office, if they do get hit with fines ... they'll want to know what happens with the money:

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