Saturday, November 6, 2010

How to get on the wrong side of the internets

Apparently this story is making the rounds and now an ignorant, arrogant, unscrupulous small time publisher has learned two things about the internet that anyone in her position should already have known:

1) things posted to the internet are not automatically in the public domain;
2) millions of strangers can form a poor opinion of you in a remarkably short time.

Picked up at Pharyngula; the original post is here.

Update: The slapdown was immense, probably more than was at all necessary. Still, this made me laugh:
The company said it shut down its Facebook page on November 4, but it has since been hacked and is no longer controlled by Cooks Source. Ironically, the publication complained about the hackers who are posting items to its Facebook page "without our knowledge or consent" and posted a link to a Facebook tutorial about how to report claims of intellectual property infringement.

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