Monday, March 17, 2008


It turns out there are white-tailed rabbits in Wonderland after all.

BILLINGS, Mont. -- A Montana biologist has withdrawn his claim in a recent study that a rabbit species has disappeared from the Yellowstone area.

Joel Berger, a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, said Thursday that he has been contacted by at least six biologists and naturalists refuting his conclusions about the white-tailed jackrabbit. He said they provided photos and anecdotal evidence the rabbit still lives in the area.

"Yes, there were some left," Berger said. "I've got egg on the face, absolutely."

So straightforward. Now, a politician would have said something like, "If I have inadvertently said anything that might be construed as erroneous, then I apologize to anyone who might have felt they were being mislead."

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