Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lawsuit in YNP

Here's a lawsuit that's going nowhere: In 2005,an employee at Roosevelt Lodge drove away from a party late at night, drove into the Yellowstone River, and drowned. Her parents are now suing Xanterra for not adequately controlling their employees. They claim they were promised that underage employees would never be housed with 21-year-olds (as if that could possibly make a difference when all you have to do is walk next door to the partying cabin) and that a security guard knew there was underage drinking going on (no doubt true, but I question whether that makes Xanterra responsible for this woman jumping into a car when she was already at "home").

In loco parentis was an obsolete philosophy long before the parents hit college age. Sounds like some people are getting some very bad legal advice.

As a purely practical matter, there is also no way Xanterra could retain staff if they exercised such "adequate" (read: "draconian") supervision over college-aged kids who mostly want to experience a bit of freedom.

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