Monday, February 23, 2009

Now it gets complicated

I forgot where I saw this comment, so I can't link to it ... blogger crime, I know. Anyway, it was just a parenthetical comment that said the writer was going to miss President Bush's regular supply of outrages, or something to that effect. I'm ashamed to admit, but at a certain level, I feel the same way.

Bush was the most consistent cuss I've ever seen. Except for spending money to fight AIDS in Africa, he seemed to be wrong on everything. Everything! I mean, I used to say that no one could be wrong all the time, if only because of the law of averages, but dang if that fellow didn't come near proving me wrong. I hated almost everything he did. Which was, in a way, comforting. I always knew where things stood with Bush.

You see, now I have to bitch about Obama, who I mostly admire, and who I definitely want to do well. But then he turns around and doesn't turn things around - I mean, this damned email investigation he wants to quash, or the trial in England that can't go forward because the nature of CIA torture is a state secret, or secrecy about domestic wiretapping, and the same damn crap that Bush/Cheney threw at us for eight years. Now I have that ambiguity again of decent folks (I do think he is decent) doing bad things. It's so much more comfortable when the people doing the bad things are the bad guys and you know they're bad because they do bad things every day and then boast about it. It's another form of that "moral clarity" that Bush prattled about in order to praise his own simple-mindedness. I've lost that, and it's a good thing to lose, but I'm going to miss it nonetheless.

Oh well, I still have the fundamentalists.

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