Thursday, February 26, 2009

Political correctness is THAT bad?

Somehow or another, I got on the email list for this amusingly wretched blob of spam from the Worldview Weekend. The people who put out this stuff seem to worship at the church of Jesus John Birch Christ, combining the most intolerant forms of Christianity with the paranoia of the Montana militia types. "Hysterical" is almost too mild a word to describe some of this stuff.

But once in awhile, I worry that they might be right and I should be far more frightened of those liberals than I am. Here is a headline from one Brannon Howse that terrifies me:

The Ft. Worth columnist that did the yellow journalism piece on Brannon and the Biblical Worldview Code Blue Rally e-mails one of our listeners and tells him that he thinks that political correctness is about being polite to people.

A confession! Straight from the mouth of one of the liberals himself! I knew political correctness was an evil mecahnism to break down my knowledge of good and evil, but on top of that, it turns out to be a secret plot to make me be polite? Holy jumpin' Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and Underdog, will the wickedness never end?

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Heather said...

Damn. How on earth did you get on that nutty mailing list?

(I'm pleased to see that my verification word is "abies," which is Latin for "fir". Know your trees!)