Thursday, May 21, 2009

Signs of the (end?) times

Is Focus on the Family going soft on homosexuality? Apparently so:

A spokesperson for Focus on the Family (FOF) told The Plum Line today that his organization would not oppose a gay SCOTUS nominee over their sexual orientation.

“Our concern at the Supreme Court is judicial philosophy,” FOF spokesperson Hausknecht continued. “Sexual orientation only becomes an issue if it effects their judging.”

Now I fully expect to disagree with FOTF's judicial philosophy as much as ever, but I find this to be an amazing concession. The point that Hausknecht has finally embraced is that sexual orientation is not the entire sum of a person's mind and being, and is in fact entirely distinct from their character and their ability to perform a job. That's a huge step for FOTF and I'm proud of them for finally making it.

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