Thursday, May 14, 2009

IPOF (and got caught)

This is hilarious. You've probably heard of the Mile High Club, which of course is not an organization, but just one of those things you can say that you've done at least once in your life. In case in comes up in Truth or Dare, you know.

Yellowstone has something similar called the IPOF Club*, for "I Peed in Old Faithful." I know a few people who claim to be members. About ten days ago, a few of the concession employees decided to join up, but they forgot something important: the geyser is now under constant surveillance. Not by the rangers, really, but by the rest of the world through the Old Faithful webcam.

So they were spotted, geyser gazers called the NPS, and the rangers were waiting for the dudes even as they returned to the boardwalk. It all lasted about 20 minutes. PEER has the story. Better yet, you can find screen captures at this blog.

So remember: even if Big Brother isn't watching you right now, Little Brother will probably snitch on you.**

* Interestingly, Wikipedia has no entry for the IPOF.
**Disclaimer: this comment is not to be interpreted as regret for the yo yos who got busted

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