Thursday, September 10, 2009

New mint series

Forget health care reform, early release of terrorists, or the flu epidemic: the big news today is that Yellowstone will have its very own quarter!


Heather said...

Very cool -- but Hot Springs Nat'l Park?! On the first of the quarters? It no longer exists! AFAIK, it's the only property to actually be removed from the NPS system because of lack of significance. Yosemite should be first, if we're counting "land set aside as protected before the concept of national parks existed."

Scott Hanley said...

Hot Springs isn't the only park to be demoted. There is also Sully's Hill, which the first NPS directors Stephen Mather and Horace Albright absolutely hated - they wanted only the grandest scenery in the national park system. Sully's Hill is now a National Wildlife Refuge administered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. (There might be others, but that's the one I remember from reading Albright's book)

It looks like they're being strictly chronological with the quarters, honoring historical development over the present-day situation. I have to like that! So Yosemite just has to wait, even though it does deserve a certain amount of priority.