Monday, October 19, 2009

On progress

Has any company in the world ever inspired so much fear through the phrase "new and improved" as Microsoft does?

The 7 Deady Sins of Windows 7

(I was a bit taken aback at the reference to Windows' "leaner, meaner predecessors." As I recall it, Windows 95 was already considered a resource hog.)


James Hanley said...

Obviously I'm not a techie, but I use my wife's macbook enough to state confidently that it's pretty much a piece of shit, too. Contrary to legend, Mac OS does crash. And Safari has an annoying tendency to freeze up that I haven't experienced in Explorer (although I much prefer Firefox).

Also, my wife's Mac laptop can't handle having multiple programs open as well as my PC laptop can. For multi-taskers, that's a serious problem.

Worst of all, Mac doesn't even make decent office software, so they get a shitty-end-of-the-stick product from Microsoft, with Word and Excel programs that are much harder to work with than they are in Windows based systems. Really, is it any surprise that Microsoft wouldn't sell their software competitor a decent program to compete against themselves?

No, scratch that worst of all. Absolutely worst of all--even worse than the intentionally-designed-to-cause-carpal-tunnel-syndrome keyboards of all Mac products--is the idiotic single-button mouse. Right-click may be the only thing Windows ever did right, but it's effin' brilliant, and the alleged super-techies of Macworld with their single-button mouse are luddites banging stones together by comparison.

But like all Macworld-citizens, my wife can't admit there are any flaws at all, or that it might not be superior to a PC for each and every conceivable setting and purpose. It's like a fucking cult!

Scott Hanley said...

I know Macs are oversold, and until they have their own quality office software, few businesses can work without Windows (relatively few people complain about MS Office and I doubt anyone can say they've fallen in love with OpenOffice).

I do need to learn my way around a Mac better, just so I can help other people use them. But otherwise, I still use Windows. Can't imagine living without right-click context menus.

Still ... when Mac comes out with a new product, it may be overhyped, but it's not normal for people to fear its release. Between Windows 95/98/ME and Vista, Microsoft has managed to create a climate where people dread the next great thing. It's a remarkable achievement, in its own way.