Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Map of Humanity

Someone has put a lot of work into this "Map of Humanity," which is as fanciful and speculative as 15th century maps of the New World. Is Faith really on the continent of Wisdom? I kind of think they're as far apart as China and Hispaniola, to be honest about it. And how disturbing to see Ann Arbor as a neighbor to Salt Lake City (near 40 W, 60 N), either geographically or culturally.

From James Turner, the creator:

The continents of this restructuring rest upon the sea of the unconscious, the stormy basis of our thought. The land that emerges from it is broken into three main continents, each related to an aspect of the human mind: superego, ego, and id.

So it's a Freudian world. That would account for the three continents being so improbably distinct from one another. If I were to try something like this, I'd probably create one super-continent, where the nasty parts live cheek-by-jowl with out "higher" aspirations.

Via Dark Roasted Blend and the Maps-L listserv.


James Hanley said...

I want to live on the libidinous islands in the land of lust.

Scott Hanley said...

Are you taking your family with you?

James Hanley said...

Just the wife. My daughters are being bundled off to the land of eternal maidenhood.

Cranberry Necklace said...

James - don't you want grandchildren? And you can't believe what vicarious fun it is to watch your children fall in love.

James Hanley said...


My kids are all pre-teens. I'll let them out of the land of "eternal" maidenhood at age 25, at which time they can move to the Isle of lesbos, which I hear allows them to adopt. It just seems like the safest course of action for them.

Scott Hanley said...

Sounds like you have a little cabin astride those mountains between Hedonism and Delusion!

James Hanley said...

"Sounds like you have a little cabin astride those mountains between Hedonism and Delusion"

Shhh, don't tell anyone! It's the perfect hideout.