Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to be presidential

The press is complaining that President Obama is too calm. They want him to spend less time talking to experts, studying the issue, and trying to find solutions - and more time acting out his anger for the public.

Don't we have Republicans for that?


Ava said...

Unfortunately, Obama seems to be playing to them now. Witness his, "so I know who's ass to kick" remark.

That's America--all we really want is a president who is good at kicking ass. All the world's problems can be solved just by kicking the right ass.

Ironically, it turns out to be Obama who's had his ass kicked; by a media that mostly is too blind to its own actions to understand what it has done.

Scott Hanley said...

Yes, I'm sorry to see that he's beginning to pander to the press a little. One of Obama's most distinguishing attributes has been his ability to stay focused and not get distracted by what the pundits say he should do. This time, though, his self-control seems to be cracking a little.

James Hanley said...

Hmm, that's a pretty interesting response from "Ava." Perhaps I should ensure I've logged her out before I start commenting on blogger blogs.

Scott Hanley said...

Ah, is that what happened? I wondered when Ava started reading newspapers. I hadn't even started the sports pages when I was her age.