Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday photo

Dirt road. Jackson County, Michigan, September 2005.

I don't know about you, but this looks nothing like Michigan to me. Even the foliage looks foreign, even though there's nothing in here that you can't see in southeast Michigan. Maybe it's the combination of dirt and hill; in the farm country where I grew up, unpaved roads tend to be gravel and flat, straight, and open to the sky.

For this shot, I timed it so that a car had just disappeared over the hill and its cloud of dust was not quite dispersed, giving the image a lonelier, remote feel .


James Hanley said...

Nice. And it doesn't look like SE Michigan to me, either. Rural France or Italy come to mind, although I've never been either place (it just reminds me of what I've seen in movies).

Now that I have a digital SLR, maybe I can learn to take some halfway decent shots. (Of course that could be like giving a chimp a chisel and asking him to make a sculpture.)

Ed Darrell said...

Digital SLRs can take great photos on their own, without humans doing anything but pointing and shooting.

Which means that all those fuzzy, lousy photos I have on my hard drive are because I screwed up the work of the camera.

Shoot a lot. Play with the settings. You'll get some amazing stuff if you just point it and click.

Scott Hanley said...

I'm using a Canon SX30IS Powershot right now and I do like it, particularly because the manual mode offers more control with fairly quick and easy controls than my previous camera did. My only regret is that the images contain more digital noise than I really care for, probably because the sensor contains too many pixels (14 M).