Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guns in national parks

They're good! No, they're not anymore! Wait, it's not over yet!

NRA appeals ruling blocking guns in national parks

One commenter at the LA Times article says,

The number of law abiding citizens who have qualified for concealed carry licenses in this country is now six times the number of peace officers. By sheer numbers we have a far greater chance of intervening than peace officers do.

Well, maybe, but I never seem to hear about any of these imagined vigilantes foiling any crimes.* And no matter how many gun safety classes they've attended, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with hordes of gun-toters thinking of themselves as surrogate peace officers.

Then again, the way policemen are allowed to beat, steal, and shoot with impunity these days, the gun-toters may be a rather small problem by comparison.

* I have, however, seen it claimed that this happens all the time but the media won't allow me to hear about it. I can't imagine a less likely line of press censorship in this country.

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