Monday, March 9, 2009

White House and YouTube

From Tech_sassy, at the Fayette Observer:

White House stops using YouTube due to privacy concerns

The White House received quite a bit of criticism when they decided to use YouTube to host President Obama’s videos on a government Web site — and for various reasons. There’s the government-business relationship with Google and more importantly, privacy and security issues resulting from “Google’s insatiable thirst for detailed data on the browsing habits of web surfers.”

But now the White House has done away with YouTube videos and, instead, is using a Flash-based video player:

“This solution, which appears to use Akamai’s content delivery network, does not make use of tracking cookies.”

However, they are still posting copies of the videos to their official YouTube channel for everyone to see. This is fine, considering the main issue before was running the Google tracking cookies on a government website.

Regardless, I still operate under the assumption that the government is always watching us. Not because I’m paranoid, but because I just give them way too much credit.

I like that last line.

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