Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dillinger was here

A new Johnny Depp movie comes out tomorrow, about the 1930's crime spree of one John Herbert Dillinger. An enterprising library in the middle of Dillinger's old stomping grounds has a tie-in:

GIS Research and Map Collection at Ball State University

P.S. Speaking of Depp, I hear that he and Tim Burton are working on a new film of Dark Shadows, the campy/wonderful gothic soap opera from the 1960's. This could be awesome or awful, but I strongly suspect it will be the latter. It's one thing to go back and redo a bad show and this time get it right - e.g., Battlestar Galactica. But a show that was lovable for its low-budget challenges - how do you approach that? If you try to take it too seriously, you miss most of the charm. If you try to recreate camp - well, can that even be done successfully?

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