Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday photo

Au Sable River, Huron National Forest, Michigan. October 2011.

Here's another photo from my Au Sable trip. I thought I should offer up a nice colorful-trees image, while we're still in autumn.

The raft is a replica wanigan, a floating kitchen and supply store for lumbermen who worked in the deep woods, far from the main camp. Up the hill from this spot is the Lumberman's Monument, a celebration of those 19th Century men who supplied the nation with timber and stripped the Michigan landscape of its native cover. As you can see from this older image, they were effective at their jobs. The statue today is surrounded by second-growth trees.


James Hanley said...

Nice pics from the Au Sable. You should canoe it with me next summer.

Is the cooking raft upstream or downstream from Grayling? I know I didn't pass it on my Grayling-Mio trip.

Scott Hanley said...

It's downstream, between Loud Dam and Cooke Dam. At that point, the Au Sable is scarcely a river anymore -- more a chain o' lakes.

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