Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drinking age

Lower drinking age is backed
21 'is not working,' Md. college officials say

This is going nowhere anytime soon, but I hope I'm wrong. When you have high demand for a product you can't actually control, outright bans are a dreadfully counterproductive strategy. Alcohol is always going to cause problems, but encouraging the youngest consumers to do so underground has been a disaster.

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James Hanley said...

I believe one of the best things we could do on college campuses is allow students to have a glass of beer or wine at dinner in the dining hall. There'd still be parties with associated binge drinking, but there'd be an uptick in the number of students who say, "Nah, I've had enough" before they get alcohol poisoning or drunk enough to rape someone, because they'd know they could have another drink tomorrow.

Turns out prohibition for teens works about as well as prohibition for adults did. Gee, whoda thunk it?