Monday, August 4, 2008

Search & seizure

FBI seizes local Md. library computers

This was the third time in his 10 years with FCPL that the FBI has come to the library seeking records, Batson said. It was the first time they came without a court order.The library's procedure for such requests usually requires a court order, however after the agent described the case and the situation, he was persuaded to give them access, Batson said.

"They had an awful lot of information," he said, but he was not allowed to discuss specifics.

Warrentless search and seizure. I'm ashamed that a librarian would put up no resistance. After all, if they had so much relevant information, how hard could it be to obtain the warrant? Do we really believe a 24 scenario was underway?

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James Hanley said...

That's both sad and outrageous. The title should have been, "Librarian Strikes a Blow for Tyrannical Government."